Before the Conference

Step 1. Abstract Submission: Only one poster abstract submission will be permitted per presenting author. Have the following information ready: contact information for yourself and any co-authors, the title and a 200-word abstract.

Step 2. Poster Submission for those entering the poster competition: By July 31, 2017 participants who wish to enter the competition will be requested to submit their poster in PDF format for review, using the submission procedure listed below:

  • A complete entry consists of an abstract and an electronic PDF file of your poster.
  • You can make minor changes to the submitted poster before your presentation at the conference.
  • A PDF of your poster should be submitted by email.

Step 3. Poster Review for Competition (Round 1): Judges will select semi-finalist posters that will be later evaluated on-site at the conference center. Up to 20 posters will be selected for judging during this round. Student competition payment: 100 USD/IDR 250.000

At the Conference

Step 4. Poster Presentations, Poster Walk & Judging (Round 2): Authors of the semi-finalist posters will give a 5-minute presentation to the judges, using a printed poster. The time limit will be strictly enforced as the judges will need to listen to a number of presentations within the limited time slot. The presentation will be repeated for at least two judges.

Step 5. Finalists & Judging (Round 3): The top (5-6) finalists will be determined by the judges on each day of the competition. A second round of presentations and judging will reveal the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Step 6. Awards Ceremony: Winners will be announced after the competition. The winners will be awarded certificates and money. The price awards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are $450, $350, and $250, respectively.