The International Conference on Food Crop and Environment (ICFC) 2017

In 2015, FAO reported that about 793 million people in the world is still lack sufficient food for conducting an active and healthy life. Approximately 218 million fewer people suffer from undernourishment than 25 years ago and 169 million fewer than a decade ago.

Agricultural commodities such as food crops highly subsidized the sufficient food for people in the world.  In the food crops, several crops such as soybean, peanut, rice, corn, sorghum produce grain.

Based on USDA (2017), Total grain production in the world 2014/2015 was 2,514.5 million metric tons (mmt). China, United State of America, India and Brazil contributed to produce 493.5, 439.5, 244.4, and 102.1 mmt respectively. In 2015/2016, total grain production decreased to be 2,456.3 mmt. Total grain production increased only in China with 507.8 mmt. Climate change, decreased of agricultural area, pest and disease on food crops, degraded soil fertility are the importance factors that contributed to the decreased production of food crops.

This international event is aimed to promote the exchange information in the research related to food crops and their problem in the world. The theme is expanded into several categories within the scope of food crops are outlined as follows:

  • Healthy Crops Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Social and Community Development
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Under-Utilized crops
  • Genetic Resources and Management